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Conversions - Money, weights & measurements
Unit of Measure Converter - This is an easy-to-use utility with which can enter a value and unit of measure then convert the value into other units. Weight & Moment of Inertia Calculator - Select the type of material (or density if known), the shape, and the dimensions of round, square, hexagonal, or octagonal sheet, rod, plate or tubing. This tool will then calculate the total weight of the object. Registered and Premium Users will also be able to calculate the moment of inertia of these and somewhat more complex cross sections such as tees, I-beams, and C-channels. Metal and Plastic Hardness Converter - Enter a hardness value/scale and this tool will find correlations to other hardness scales. (Registered and Premium Users only)
Materials Data
MatWeb - Superalloy, Stainless Properties
Glossary of Engineering Material Terms - MatWeb's glossary contains over 700 definitions of materials terms in convenient alphabetical lists. You can narrow your search by typing the first few characters of the term of interest. (Registered and Premium Users only)
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